How to easily repair your favourite jeans

Die Jeans ist wieder tragbar :-)

How to easily repair your favourite jeans

Your favourite jeans got ripped up? Don’t worry! It’s easier to repair than you think!

I can feel with you! I always panicked about having to throw away my jeans when that happend. But some day, my grandmother who is a seamstress showed me how to easily repair my jeans. Now I’ll share this knowledge with you.

What do you need?

To fix your jeans you need:


Die Materialien zum Jeans reparieren

The ingredients to fix your jeans

The preparation

First you need your jeans, the fabric to fix it and your fabric scissors. You switch your jeans in a way so the inside is out. Afterwards take your fabric and lay it next to the part that needs fixing. This way it’s quite easy to see how much fabric you need. I always try to be generous here and apply a bit more fabric than needed.

Benötigten Stoff zum Flicken bestimmen

See how much fabric you need for fixing

You can choose to mark the needed part of the fabric witha bit of chalk or you can directly cut it.  I always use rectangles to fix those parts of a jeans. Here you can see how much fabric I chose for fixing this hole in my husbands jeans:

Den Flickenstoff großzuügig markieren und ausschneiden

Mark and cut the needed piece of fabric

Then you need to pin the fabric in place. Make sure the fabric covers the ripped part. If the ripped part is in between the legs, it’s important to also cover the seam with the fabric. Be careful to fold the seam in the direction in which it “wants” to fold. This way you can prevent the seam from ripping later.

On my jeans the hole is a bit further from the seam, so I didn’t cover the seam.

Additionally you could use Wondertape to fix your fabric. Wondertape is a kind of tape that vanishes after washing your fabric/clothes.

Der Stoff auf der Jeans gut feststecken

Pin the fabric to the jeans

When pinning the fabric to the jeans be careful not to pin the other side of the leg. It then might happen that you sew both sides of the leg together and you would need to rip everything up again. You can test that by putting your hand in the leg after pinning and checking if anything sticks.


Now the preparation is finished. You can go to your sewing space or unpack your sewing machine and stuff. You’ll need a needle for jeans fabric in your sewing machine. Thread your machine with matching thread for your jeans. I normally use a zig zag stitch for sewing the patch into the jeans as this gives a bit more stability. Then you put your jeans under the needle, so you can start sewing.


Flicken auf die Jeans nähen

Sew the patch of fabric to the jeans

Start sewingfrom the outer edge of the fabric. You sew directly from one end to the other, keep the needle in your fabric but lift thefoot of the sewing machine. So you can turn the fabric to be able to sew the next edge. Once done with the outer edges, you start moving inward.

Runde für Runde den Flicken auf der Jeans festnähen

Sew round and round towands the center

Once you reach the middle of the patch, you’re basically done. It’s important to do those rounds until you reach the middle because otherwise the fabric might fold and hurt you when wear the jeans again. Be careful when sewing so you don’t accidentially stitch together the leg ;-).

If you’d like to, you then can switch the jeans back to normal and stitch over the hole from the top (topstitch). This helps in giving additional stability.

Jeans von außen nochmals verstärken

Topstitch the jeans for additional stability

And you’re done repairing your jeans! Congratulations!

Die Jeans ist wieder tragbar :-)

This is how your reparided jeans will look like

Do you have additional tips on how to repair a jeans?  Leave me a comment!

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